Deep in the heart of Mont Tremblant, the last of the giants has awoken. Follow your sense of adventure to discover the secret he wants to share.

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A production by Moment Factory

Deep in the heart of Mont Tremblant, the last of the giants has awoken.
Follow your sense of adventure to discover the secret he wants to share.

Created by

A production by Moment Factory

A night walk
in search of the giant

Legend has it that a sleeping giant calls Mont Tremblant home. The last survivor of his kind, this mythical being is the ancestral protector of the fauna, the flora and the rivers. For thousands of years, his great wisdom was so revered and sought after that his descendants would return to Mont Tremblant from far and wide every time he awoke from his slumber.

The giant’s legendary wrath has inspired fear since ancient times. Even today, if anyone disobeys the sacred laws of nature, the power of his fury makes the mountainside tremble.

A guardian of the forces of nature, the giant hasn’t risen from his slumber in many years. But with the first rays of summer, his whispers were heard, and a trail of glowing hand and footprints were discovered deep in the Mont Tremblant forest. The spirits of the forgotten people, who had vanished long ago, suddenly emerged from the darkness to watch over the travellers that venture into the woodlands.

After all of this time, the giant has awoken so that you, too, will find your way to him.

“What secret does he have to share? Will the journey be a risky one?” 

The curious and inquisitive souls who set out to uncover the giant’s mysteries will embark on a quest where the real meets the fantastical. Their precious amulet will help guide them to places that still bear the marks of the forgotten people’s veneration for their illustrious giant.

Clues left along the winding path will guide you into the heart of this mysterious mountain. The giant is waiting. Are you ready to follow his tracks?

A Sensory Experience in the Forest

The Tonga Lumina illuminated trail is a 1.5-km nocturnal walk taking place on a stone dust pathway at the heart of nature. To start off, visitors show up at the bottom of the Flying Mile chairlift that will take them up to the midway station where they will be led to the entrance of the trail. After taking visitors on a brief ascension, the trail slowly weaves its way down the hill through the woods, crosses streams and clearings. Participants can anticipate being on the pathway an average of one hour. Departures are continuous from sunset to closing, with a maximum of 150 people admitted per quarter of an hour on the course.

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Adult (13+)


Youth (3-12)


Peewee (0-2)

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  • Tonga Lumina is open daily, from June 21 to September 1, then Friday’s and Saturday’s from September 6 to October 19 (including Sunday October 13).
  • Your ticket for Tonga Lumina is now valid for a single entry at any time during the selected evening, from the opening to the closing of the activity. There are no longer fixed showtimes. Simply present yourself at the activity’s entrance arch to enjoy the magical experience at your own pace.


  • Buy your tickets online or by phone at 1-866-787-8920.
  • Advance purchase is strongly recommended.
  • Tickets purchased for the same evening can also be bought in person at the multiservice centre during the day or in the evening.
  • Toddler’s admission (2 and under) is free, but you must obtain your free Toddler ticket to access the activity.


  • Your tickets will be sent to you by email 24 hours prior to day of the activity. Please have them available in a printed version or on your smart phone at the start of the activity.
  • If, for any reason, you don’t have your tickets with you, you must pick them up at the multiservice centre. Please allow enough time to pick up your tickets, we will not be held responsible if you are late at the start because of waiting time at the ticket office.


  • Tickets purchased in advance are refundable 24 hours before the activity.
  • Tickets purchased on the day are not refundable and non-modifiable.


  • The activity will be held rain or shine. Please dress accordingly.
  • In case of high winds or thunderstorms, Mont Tremblant Resorts and Company reserves the right to delay starting times or to cancel the activity for the safety of staff and visitors.
  • In case of cancellation, you will receive a confirmation 2 hours before your scheduled start time.
  • A red banner will appear on the website and a cancellation notice will be posted on the activity’s Facebook page.
  • For all cancellations made by Tonga Lumina or Tremblant, you will have the opportunity to reschedule or receive a full refund of your cancelled activity.


  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Participants must be able to walk a 1.5-km distance on a trail in the forest, in the dark.
  • You can take a small stroller or a backpack-style baby carrier up the chairlift for children unable to walk the entire trail. Note that the use of a front baby carrier is mandatory to take your infant up the chairlift.
  • Persons with reduced mobility are invited to reach us at 1-866-787-8920 to enquire about accessibility. Access to activity requires taking a chairlift.
  • No minimum weight or height.
  • No changes can be made to the starting time and starts cannot be moved up.
  • Pets are not allowed onsite.
  • It is forbidden to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages during this activity.
  • If you booked your activity with a travel agent or a tour operator, please contact them with any question or request, as their conditions may differ.

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